A foam roller or a physio roller is a tool made from synthetic foam rubber used for self-myofascial release. They provide the same service as a massage only that it is free. They typically stretch muscles and tendons while breaking down soft tissue adhesion. Other advantages of using OPTP foam rollers include breaking up trigger points, soothing tight fascia and enhancing blood flow and circulation to the tissues. Warming up with a foam roller as well can significantly reduce the severity and likelihood of injury. It will activate the muscles and start to pump blood through. Using it after exercising, mimic a deep tissue massage. This improves blood flow, and as a result, improving blood flow for oxygen circulation and toxins removal.


There are essentially three types of best foam roller. Polyethylene EPE, EVA and molded foam rollers. Before deciding on the type to purchase, you should consider how often you plan on using it. The EPE and the EVA quickly elongate and begin to oval hence you should avoid them if you plan on using it severally. You should alternatively purchase a higher quality one.


You ought to also consider how long you have been rolling. Although it varies from one person to another, if you have just begun, there is a likelihood that it hurts a lot. If you belong to this category, you can begin with a standard EPE. They are not very dense and will start to break down scar tissue and increase your muscles. You can opt to upgrade the roller later as you become used to the exercise.


You should consider the area you will be focusing on mostly. In case you want to reach areas such as your hip flexors or your shin muscles, you can opt to buy a rumble roller. The grooves can target those areas more effectively than other options available in the market. However, it is ineffective to roll large muscles with it. This is because it doesn't roll as effectively due to its bumps. It is simpler with a well round model. For more facts about foams, visit this website at



You ought to consider your budget as well. Buying a cheap roller is better than avoiding them altogether. The pricing starts from ten dollars to the range of fifteen, and it's a cheap way to experience the advantages of deep tissue massage in the comfort of your home. If you are active and can afford to spend more, a more expensive model will be a great investment for you.